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If You Lie Down With Dogs

“No one rises to low expectations.” -Les Brown I recently found out something about two very close friends; something that shocked me so much, it took my breath away. Their secret made me question everything I knew about the two of them and our mutual friendships, our conversations, my choice to confide in each, and more. Upon finally hearing… Continue reading If You Lie Down With Dogs

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On Being a Fraud

I don't have time to write, nor do you have time to read through all the details of how I grew up and the things I learned to do just to survive in this mad world. We've all had to do that to some to degree. The one area of my life where I always… Continue reading On Being a Fraud

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Life in the Spin Cycle

Wake up, walk the dog, get ready for work, toil away at a job you don't care about, come home, feed the dog, your kids, and yourself, go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again. Have you had this experience? How many of us operate in the spin cycle of unconscious work… Continue reading Life in the Spin Cycle

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OFF AIR — That Time I Got Fired From My Shitty Radio Job

I’ve worked a lot of jobs over the years. And I have been fired from exactly two, which I think is a pretty damn good track record. What I learned from these experiences was critical to my development as a person, even though at the time I shook my fist at the sky and behind… Continue reading OFF AIR — That Time I Got Fired From My Shitty Radio Job