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Just Act Natural

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For those of us who don’t drink alcohol, we can often pose a mental or emotional challenge for friends who want us to join their holiday festivities. Some sound advice for hosts and hostesses on this lovely holiday:

  1. In short, don’t be a jackass. We don’t need special handling or attention. We’re capable of bringing our own beverages or simply getting water from the tap. And you don’t need to let other guests know that we’re non-drinkers nor should you talk in code with awkward pointing, i.e. “ix-nay on the odka-vay.”
  2. We may look at other people who drink normally and marvel at their ability to do so. It’s like watching a Cirque show. We see that it’s happening but for fuckssake, how do they do that? Don’t worry if you see us looking pleasantly puzzled.
  3. If you or your guests plan to get shit-faced, I plan to watch and be amused and make fun of you in my head. And be really, really relieved it’s not me wearing the lampshade. A slightly wry smile should be no reason for alarm.

For more info on how to act normal from experts, read here: http://ow.ly/V6YQe

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